Core Twist

Core Twist on Yoga Mat

How to Core Twist

You Should Feel This: Abs

Exercise Families: Trunk Rotation

Equipment: Yoga Mat

Trainer: Ashley Steele


  1. Sit on the floor, lean back slightly with your knees bent, heels off the ground, and hands together. Maintain good posture, keep your core strong to stabilize your spine.

  2. Tighten your core to rotate your trunk, twisting to one side. Pause briefly, and engage your abs to twist back to the opposite side. Continue rotating from one side to the other for the specified amount of time.

  3. Get the most from this exercise by engaging your abs before each twist. Try to force your core to rotate your body. Be sure to maintain control as you twist from one side to the other.

  4. You should feel this working your abs, obliques, and challenging trunk rotation.

Alternative Exercises:

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