Sumo Squat + Press

Learn how to perform a med ball sumo squat and press combination correctly with instructions and video guide by SHOCK Fitness Trainer, Ashley Steele!

How to Sumo Squat + Press

Primary Muscles: Full Body

Exercise Families: Squat 

Equipment: Med Ball

Trainer: Ashley Steele


  1. Stand holding a weight at the peak of your shoulders. Position the feet just outside of shoulder-width, angle the toes outward approximately 25 degrees. Pull the shoulder blades back, hold the spine and head in good posture.

  2. Exhale to activate the core, and slowly begin to inhale. Push the hips back and down—allow the knees to bend naturally and the trunk to lean forward.

  3. Continue sinking into the squat as low as possible—maintaining proper posture and balance. Pause briefly, slowly begin to exhale, activate the core, and press the feet through the floor to drive the body upward to the standing position.

  4. Pause briefly, press the weight overhead, and slowly lower the weight to the peak of the shoulders. Repeat the squat and press for the specified amount of time.

  5. The depth of the squat should be determined by the alignment of the spine. Lower the body until the crest of the pelvis (hip bone) presses against the top of the thigh. Be sure to maintain proper posture and balance.

  6. You should feel this working the core, glutes, hips, and shoulders. 

Alternative Exercises:

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