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Steele Training System™

Hayden’s passion for helping his clients excel and attain their goals, combined with his desire to instruct with proper technique and precise execution in mind, led him to the development of the Steele Training Method™. This method is a compilation of his experience, sweat, and countless hours of testing, all informed by extensive study and multiple industry certifications. Hayden knows you deserve to feel and to be your best, and believes through a lifestyle focused on health and wellness, you can be unstoppable!

Hayden Steele is a certified fitness professional.
The Steele Training System™
Aleksandr Nedovyesov, ATP Professional Tennis Player
ATP Professional Tennis Player
Aleksandr Nedovyesov

“Hayden is a skilled exercise professional who possesses the knowledge to help you achieve your fitness and performance goals. His unique training system has improved my strength, speed, and power on the the tennis court, taking my game to the next level.”


Exercise programs should functionally adapt to fit your body, your capabilities, and your goals. Hayden believes exercise programs must be strategic and specific. He designs his workouts to ensure every workout has a goal, and every movement has a purpose.


Form is paramount to results in order to maximize the work efforts you put forth. Proper biomechanics is key to creating a safe and effective program.


Like anything else, the effort you put into your training program will ultimately dictate your success. Train to sweat. Train hard. Train smart. Research shows successful workout programs focus on increasing workout intensity, not duration. Hayden carefully designs his workouts to push your body to new limits, while promoting optimal recovery.


Exercise programs need to be built specifically for you. As your fitness level and technique get better, the exercise challenges of your workouts must match the improvements. Hayden believes your exercise program must evolve to avoid fitness plateaus. Each new exercise has a meaning and a purpose. Hayden’s workouts meaningfully evolve and progress throughout your training program.


Fitness is a process and a journey. Commit to the changes as a life-style. Short-term goals are fleeting. Though they are important as milestones, they are building an overall long-term life-style change. During your journey make sure you rest along the way. Most people think of rest and work as being opposites, when they actually work together. Hayden loves the phrase, “Push until you can’t. Rest until you can!” The more you rest, the harder you are able to work. The more you work, the more rest becomes essential. Rest equals quality work, and quality work leads to needed rest. 


Nutrition accounts for over 80% of your training results. Through nutritional guidance, Hayden’s training programs will bring your health and physique to the next level. The fuel you put into your body is as important as the effort you put forth during workouts.